SATELLAR XT-5R/5RC radio modems provide serial and Ethernet connectivity for mission-critical applications, subject to very high demands in terms of radio data throughput and real-time constraints.

The modems of the SATELLAR XT series consist of a main unit called “Radio Unit (RU)” and a “Central Unit (CU)” :

  • The SATELLAR XT-5R consists of the single RU unit, it is used as a serial data radio modem, or as a packet repeater in routing networks.
  • The SATELLAR XT-5RC is the combination of CU and RU units for transmitting IP protocol data and adding IP radio functionality.

SATELLAR Features :

SATELLAR XT-5RC radio modems support the following functions :

  • TCP/IP and UDP protocols
  • Redundant route management (VLAN, VRRP protocol, hot failover of routes)
  • Bus, star, extended topologies
  • Access control, firewall
  • Data encryption (128 bit AES)
  • NTP protocol, SNMP management, SSH access, DHCP (client or server mode), ARP Proxy option…
  • Protocols and routings: IEC101, IEC104, IEC104 to IEC101 conversion, IP protocol encapsulation of serial protocol, ModBus…

Configuration and supervision :

Configuration and supervision of modems can be done locally or remotely :

  • Through the CU web interface
  • Using the SATEL Netco software
  • Using optional integrated display and small keypad

Modulation and speed of radio transmission

Different modulations are configurable (QAM and FSK). They make it possible to adapt modem performance to applications requiring high data transfer rates, or to applications requiring long-reach connections.

Transmission speeds range from 9.6 to 230.4 kbits/s.


320…365 / 360…405 / 400…445 / 440…485 / 480…520 MHz

Switching band

45 MHz

Channel spacing

12.5 / 25 / 150 kHz, configurable


-88 dBm (150 kHz channel, 230400 bits/s, 16FSK)
-119 dBm (12.5 kHz channel, 9600 bits/s, 4FSK)

Transmission power

From 100mW to 5 W, configurable

Radio transmission speed

230 kbits/s (150 kHz channel)
38.4 kbits/s (25 kHz channel)
19.2 kbits/s (12.5 kHz channel)

Power supply

+10.5 Vdc…+30 Vdc

Max consumption

CU: 1,4W (without display), 2 W (with display option)
RU: 2.8 W (RX), 10,7W (TX at 1W power)

Size / weight

130 x 76.8 x 76.5 mm / 900 g (RU+CU)
130 x 55.5 x 76.5 mm / 680 g (RU only)

Antenna connector

TNC female (50 ohms)

Serial interface

RS-232 and RS-422/485 (D9 female)

USB / Ethernet connectors

USB-B / RJ-45


DIN rail, or flat mounting strips


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