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FH1G4 – Microwave link

Range of economical narrowband microwave links which enables to extend private communication networks on large distances: up to 150km in function of the antennas installation

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The FH1G4 numerical microwave links use the open European frequency band for fixed links, arround 1,4 GHz

They can transfer data, voice and images.

It is a very economical solution compared to recurrent costs on leased lines.

Several product options enables the construction of point-to-point networks, point-to-multipoint networks or linear networks with multiple repetitions, for very extended coverages.

When integrated in a SCORPION infrastructure, these radio beams can constitute a solid backbone accross several departments with a high redundancy rate.

Frequency bands

1,375 GHz to 1,452 GHz


25 or 75 KHz

Transmit power

2 W (10 W max)

RX sensitivity

-110 dBm in 25 KHz spacing, -105 dBm in 75 KHz spacing

Audio bandwidth

DC to 4 KHz ins 25 kHz spacing, DC to 15 KHz in 75 KHz spacing


Full duplex or half duplex (triggered carrier), possible backup using PSTN or DSL links

Serial interfaces

3 RS232 or RS485 ports, up to 19.2 Kb/s in 25 KHz spacing and 38.4 Kb/s in 75 KHz spacing

Digital inputs / outputs

Remote duplication of logical signals or alarms

Power supply

110 … 230 VAC or 12 VDC, possible backup with an external battery

Compliance with standards

ETS 300 630, ETS 300 385 class B


220 mm / 90 mm / 390 mm (about 4 kg)