SATEL products provide a solution for many types of real-time data transfer applications. The deployed radio infrastructure is scalable, extensible, and can cover a variety of needs, from simple point-to-point connections to wide area networks, including hundreds of modems.

These networks are independent of any operator. The operating cost is free or fixed, depending on the frequency or frequencies used. Only one frequency is required, even for wide area networks.

Satel radio modems are approved in more than 50 countries (EN 300 113 and EN 300 220 standards).

Thanks to the “Store & Forward” functions, Satel radio modems can be used in master stations, substations or repeaters, offering the possibility of covering distances from tens of meters to hundreds of kilometers.

SATEL radio modems are used in many applications : remote management of water or electricity distribution networks, telemetry, GNSS data transfer and precise positioning with RTK correction, road, sea or air traffic control…