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SCORPION – Radio network

The SCORPION infrastructures are intended to collect hydrological and rainfall data from remote stations and to transport them by radio over very large geographic areas (up to 100,000 km2).

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Infrastructure radio SCORPION de collecte de données hydrométriques pour système de prévision des crues

High availability

Strongly redundant and self-healing radio network, mesh topology architecture with automatic data routing.


Short and secured data collection cycles

Stable and deterministic collection times in extreme climatic situations.

Console CSS de supervision SCORPION - vue synoptique du réseau
Console CSS de supervision SCORPION - collecte et affichage de nombreux indicateurs radio

Energy management

Standby / wake-up cycle of radio equipment for very low consumption operation, ideal for isolated and low-energy sites.

Supervision and network management

Remote configuration of equipment.

Permanent monitoring of the state of equipment and network links, collection of numerous radio indicators.

Transmission of alerts by mail and POCSAG messaging.


20 collecting cells, 511 collecting points and routing nodes

Data collecting cycles

80 stations in an single cell: 90s
300 stations divided in 6 cells: 76s

Transport redundancy

Automatic recognition of the topology
Meshed architecture, possible PSTN or DSL backup links
Ad-hoc routing by search of the shortest route and avoiding faulty links

Frequency redundancy

Remote change of the radio frequency of each collecting cell if an interference is detected

Redundancy of data collection

Multiplicity of the routing paths in every collecting cell.
Automatic backup of the radio collection base-stations

Redundancy of the central stations

Simultaneous support of 3 collection central stations.

Energy management

Organisation of the collecting cycles in order to save the energy of the isolated and low-energy sites.
Typical consumption of the radio terminal of a collecting site : 15mA under 12VDC


CSS software for remote supervision of the whole network.
Measure of numerous radio indicators : levels of radio field, incident/reflected power, QOS, batteries tension level …
Alarm for deteriorations or losses of connections, notifications by mail or POCSAG messaging.
Remote configuration and deployment of software updates.

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