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SATEL Compact-Proof (869MHz)

The SATEL Compact-Proof radio modem (869 MHz) is a UHF modem, rated IP67 and incorporating a battery. Its autonomy makes it particularly suitable for field operations or temporary repeaters to temporarily extend radio coverage.

The SATEL Compact-Proof (869 MHz) radio modem is the high power free-band version of the SATEL Compact-Proof (European free band 869.400…869.650 Mhz / 500mW).

It provides a high level of performance in an environment with no license, and is particularly suitable for use outdoors and under various weather conditions.

The lithium-ion battery provides long-lasting performance: the operating time at + 25 ° C is more than 15 hours (50% duty cycle at 0.5 W).

In accordance with IP67, the housing and connectors of the SATEL Compact-Proof (869 MHz) are waterproof and protected against dust.

The SATEL Compact-Proof (869 MHz) is equipped with a state-of-the-art radio transceiver, whose main characteristics are :

  • Switching band : 869.4125…869.6375 MHz
  • Adjustable radio frequency (TX, RX or TX / RX) by software, SL commands and list of predefined channels
  • Channel spacing : 25 kHz
  • Configurable transmission power : 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 500 mW
  • Sensitivity up to -111dBm
  • Power supply : 9…16Vdc.
  • Radio speed : 19200 bits/s

The radio modem is configured using a PC, using a standard terminal or the SATEL configuration manager. LEDs provide real-time status for rapid analysis and diagnosis of data exchanges.

SATEL Compact-Proof (869 MHz) has an LCD screen and push buttons for easy configuration without any other equipment. It becomes a very useful tool for the evaluation and qualification of radio links with the measurement of the radio field level in reception and the level of radio noise in the channel.

Advanced Features

The SATEL Compact-Proof (869 MHz) modem includes advanced addressing, repetition and routing features. It is possible to simply create networks in bus, star or extended topology. Automatic routing offers an overhop function that is particularly useful for managing mobile devices.


SATEL Compact-Proof 869 modems are compatible with M3-TR8 modules.


869.4125…869.6375 MHz

Switching band

0.25 MHz

Channel spacing

25 kHz


-111 dBm

Transmission power

Up to 500mW

Radio transmission speed

19200 bits/s (25 kHz channel)

Power supply

+9…16Vdc (ODU 4-pin waterproof connector)

Max consumption

RX 1.2 W / TX 3,8 W

Size / weight

187 x 84 x 50 mm/ 850 g (with battery), 520 g (without battery)

Antenna connector

TNC female (50 ohms)

Serial interface

RS-232 (ODU 8-pin waterproof connector)


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