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The SATELLINE-M3-TR1 radio module is the OEM version of the SATELLINE-EASy radio modem. Many configuration options are possible for its integration.

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The SATELLINE-M3-TR1 radio module is a flexible and customizable product on order : it can be delivered with or without an aluminum housing. Several serial connectors are available (female D15, 26-pins male strip or 26 pins female socket). The antenna connectors may be of the TNC, SMA, MCX or MMCX type.

The high sensitivity of the receiver coupled with the maximum output power of 1 W makes long radio ranges possible.

12.5, 20 and 25 kHz channel spacings are software selectable.

Its main features are :

  • Large switching band : 330…420MHz / 403…473 MHz
  • Configurable transmission power : 100, 200, 500 or 1000 mW
  • Very good sensitivity of the receiver, up to -114 dBm
  • 4FSK and GMSK modulation
  • Radio speed: from 9600 to 19200 bits/s
  • Configurable channel spacing at 12.5, 20 or 25 kHz
  • Power supply: + 3 … + 9VDdc or + 6 … + 30Vdc
  • Optional 128-bit AES encryption

The radio modem is configured using a PC, using a standard terminal or the SATEL configuration manager.

Advanced Features

The SATELLINE-M3-TR1 modules include advanced addressing, repetition and routing features. It is possible to simply create networks in bus, star or extended topology. Automatic routing offers an overhop function that is particularly useful for managing mobile devices.

The 128-bit AES encryption option guarantees the confidentiality of transmitted data.


The SATELLINE-M3-TR1 module is compatible with SATELLINE series modems (3AS included) and SATEL radio modules.

It can also be included in systems using protocols from other manufacturers (Pacific Crest -4FSK / GMSK / FST or TRIMTALK 450s).


330…420 MHz / 403 … 473 MHz

Switching band

90MHz or 70 MHz depending on model

Channel spacing

12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz, configurable


-114 dBm (12.5 kHz spacing), -111 dBm (25 kHz spacing)

Transmission power

From 100mW to 1W, configurable

Radio transmission speed

From 9 600 to 19 200 bits/s

Power supply

+3…+9VDdc or +6…+30Vdc

Max consumption

RX 1,2 W / TX 7 W (at 1W power)

Size / weight

88 x 49 x 9 mm / 50 g (without housing)

Antenna connector


Serial interface

RS-232, TTL, LVTTL, RS-422 (female D15, 26-pins male strip or 26 pins female socket)


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